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Adjective. A traumagenic system is one that formed from trauma. Not all traumagenic systems have DID/OSDD-1/USDD, and the term is not limited to systems who formed from childhood trauma.

A five-striped flag with the following colors (top to bottom): Gold, light yellow, white, light blue, blue.

Traumagenic flag made by the Grey Skies.


A five striped flag with the following colors (top to bottom): Dark teal, green, white, green, dark teal.

Another traumagenic flag. Creator unknown.

The first flag (yellow/white/blue) was made by the Grey Skies and the meanings are as follows (meanings taken from the GS site):

Gold - Pursuit of recovery & health.

Light Yellow - Acceptance of traumagenic systems.

White - Diversity of the traumagenic experience & of the community.

Light Blue - Acceptance that traumagenic systems are more than their trauma.

Blue - Pursuit of cooperation between system members.

The second flag's creator is unknown, as are the meanings of the stripes


Definition, Flag 2:

Flag 1 (including stripe meanings):